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Portable blender


Extreem krachtig

easy to clean


Blendt uw shakes, smoothies en sportvoeding waar en wanneer je wil.

With your own Mixxit you combine a handy portable blender with a unique and trendy design!

Your smoothie will be ready in no time

Do you have time in the morning to make a quick protein shake for the gym? Or do you miss making your smoothies at work?


Compact, portable and lightweight


Unique design


A smoothie ready within 30 seconds


Weinig tijd in de ochtend? Even snel een gezonde smoothie maken ? Met Mixxit heb je binnen no-time je favoriete smoothie klaar, waar je ook bent.

Slechts 490gram

Unique design

Extremely powerful engine

Easy cleaning

For cleaning, fill the Mixxit with water and a little detergent and turn it on... your MIXXIT will be clean in no time!


Easy to take apart


Cleans itself


Upper part is dishwasher safe


Something still not clear?

What is your shipping time?

On average your mixxit should arrive within 3 business days

How does returning work?

If you don't like the product you can easily return it to us using the form provided.

How much do I get out of the Mixxit?

The content of the Mixxit is 380ML/13 OZ

Can I crush ice with it?

Yes, you can crush ice cubes with it, but we do not recommend that. Ice is hard and can damage the blades faster.

Is shipping free?

Yes, shipping is 100% free and at our expense

How often can I use the Mixxit in one charge?

On a full battery about 10 times. If you mix very soft fruit you will be able to mix more often than if you want to mix ice cubes or frozen fruit.

How heavy is the Mixxit?

The Mixxit weighs just under 500 grams.

Can I drink from the Mixxit?

Yes, that is why we made the top a little narrower.