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Take your chance and become an exclusive Mixxit distributor for your country

* We don’t share your personal info with anyone ever.

Take your chance and become an exclusive Mixxit distributor for your country

* We don’t share your personal info with anyone ever.

“Mixxit, is a bottle that is not only convenient to take with you, but also contains an internal blender to use wherever and whenever you want”

Patented design

Mixxit is the first portable blender that combines a hip and fresh design with a very powerful blender. with his patented design you can be sure that you are offering a unique product.

Portable and wireless

Mixxit is easily charged with the supplied wireless charging station. No more unwieldy cables. Simply click it into place and enjoy Mixxit again after a 2-3 hour charge

Once fully charged you can use mixxit 8-12 times before recharging is needed.

Easy to clean

All parts of the Mixxit are dishwasher safe, except for the motor itself. The motor is completely waterproof, but is best rinsed under the tap. You do this by twisting the parts apart.

Lets talk some numbers…

Are you curious about how the market reacted to Mixxit during our test cases?

Double the revenue every month.

during our test case in which we actually proceeded to sell, we doubled our turnover every month.

After a long development phase, we started sales in November 2020. we doubled it every month until a revenue of aprox. 120,000 € / month

In this graph you can clearly see the course of our rapid growth.

Only  2% of the buyers where not happy with the product and asked for a refund. ( 6.195,40€ )

We only looking for 1

1 exclusive distributor for every country.

Why don’t you do it yourself?

We can hear you thinking … if this is such a sought after product … why not sell it yourself?

The answer is simple … we are good in inventing sought after products with attractive designs.
We choose to invest in the further development of our products and to leave the sales to companies with the right network and knowledge in the field of sales.

lets make this work

We choose to appoint only 1 exclusive party per country for the distribution of Mixxit. Sign up for an online meeting where we can answer all your questions

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